The Spring 2019 Brother Book is in production! For insights into standing brothers and pledges, check out our Instagram (@apozu) and our Twitter (@apozu_bu) for That’s My Bro! and Pledge of Glory profiles. These are weekly headshots and descriptions of some of our most dedicated brothers deserving of recognition and mention of their accolades.

Past Brother Books:  Fall 2015Fall 2014Spring 2014Fall 2013Spring 2013Fall 2012, Fall 2011

In the Fall 2018 we had 64 active brothers, 14 associate brothers, 9 brothers abroad, and 79 pledges! Our chapter has been growing tremendously over the years, and our enthusiastic pledge class has gotten us all excited about the future of our chapter.

Our chapter is divided into five families, which help us to feel connected to our brothers. The families are the Black Penguins, Teal Turtles, Emerald Elephants, Purple Parrots, and Los Tigres (the orange family). Through fellowships and weekly family dinners, families stay closely connected to each other. Families can also earn points through various competitions and specific fellowships, and at the end of the semester, the family with the most points wins a prize, oftentimes a donation to their sponsored charity. Along with a couple of bragging rights.