Chapter History

The Zeta Upsilon chapter was established at Boston University in 1948. The following are quotes from some of our chapter’s first members…

 “We were established in 1948; I was a charter member; Hantford Leroy Graham was President, Sumner (Sonny) Morse was Vice President, and Edwin Feinberg was Treasurer. I was later Secretary. Key people in the formation were Edwin Duane, David Duval, Ted Goodin, Maxwell Morrison, Paul Munier, Haskell Shapiro, Stewart (Stu) Weene, and others.

We met as a group in late 1947 at a meeting with Delta Nu at Yale.  One of our brothers was the bell-ringer in the Yale tower, so we got to go up to the top and see New Haven.  Very few people at Yale had had that privilege!  We got our Charter in 1948 and were very active, sponsoring annual Ugly Man contests to raise money for a charity–  once cent a vote– and the winner got a pretty date!  It was fun.

Some of the brothers were from General College (as it was known at the time) which was successor to the original CLA building on Boylston Street near Copley Square.  The School of Education was in a narrow, 5-story building just behind it on Exeter Street.  Daniel Marsh was President of the University and we inducted him as an honorary member to his delight.  We got along very well with him.

Judson Rae Butler was Dean of GC, and “Roy” Graham was a student there so this was a natural.  He was a sincere and helpful member and adviser throughout.

Several of us went to APO’s silver anniversary in Des Moines in December 1950.  We had a bit of an agenda: election of one of our advisors, Arthur Jenner, to the National Executive Board, and we were successful.  Art was University Alumni Secretary at the time and lived in Ashland.  While there we met Roe Bartle (“The Chief”) and several other founders of APO!  Roe was Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, and a much loved figure there.

Of course, at that time, APO was not open to women.  My sister, with our help, established a “sister” sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma.  I am not sure how long that lasted, but with APO’s inclusion of women (and we had strongly supported it from the beginning), it was no longer necessary to have this division.

We watched the “new campus” being built.  The only building there was the College of Business Administration and I watched it and the Science Building go up in 1947.  APO members served as ushers at the dedication of Marsh Chapel and we were there when Cottage Farm Bridge (as it was known) became Boston University Bridge.  And we had a place of honor at the retirement of “Danny” Marsh!”

Provided by Joel Berg, one of  our chapter’s charter members

Members of Alpha Phi Omega on their way to the 1950 APO National Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo taken at the Englewood railroad station in Chicago. Photo provided by Arthur Foss.
Members of Alpha Phi Omega on their way to the 1950 APO National Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo taken at the Englewood railroad station in Chicago. Photo provided by Arthur Foss.

“My recollections of my APO days have unfortunately dimmed considerably over the years.  I do remember that we sometimes ushered at chapel services in the Daniel L. Marsh Chapel, which had been built during my freshman year at the University.  We also worked at the annual outdoor Christmas carol singings on the plaza in front of the chapel.  At one time we ushered at a football game between Boston University and Purdue.  The game was held at Fenway Park and resulted in a disastrous 62 to 0 loss for the BU team!  In January 1951 we had the honor of inducting BU President Daniel L. Marsh as an honorary member of Zeta Upsilon Chapter.

In December 1950 I accompanied three other Chapter members on what was at the time my longest trip away from home ever, to Alpha Phi Omega’s twenty-fifth anniversary national convention in Des Moines, Iowa.  We went by train, changing trains in Chicago, a bitterly cold place that December morning.  In the spring of 1951 Zeta Upsilon Chapter hosted a regional meeting of the New England chapters, which were then quite few in number.”

-Provided by Arthur Foss, member of Zeta Upsilon Chapter of APO from 1949 to 1951 and former chapter secretary

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