The Pledge Process

Don’t be intimidated, the pledge process is a fun and exciting semester dedicated to getting to know your new APO family!

Before becoming a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, potential members must go through the pledging program. Pledges in the Zeta Upsilon chapter must complete several requirements that are designed to educate them about the fraternity and introduce them to our cardinal principles: leadership, friendship and service.

Not only do they go on services and fellowships with the current brothers but they always organize a pledge class service project and fundraiser. This allows them to not only take on a role of leadership in the chapter but work together with their potential new brothers and improve the lives of others.

Pledges are also required to attend several pledge meetings where they will learn about the history of our fraternity and different aspects that make up the fraternity including what our crest stands, our toast song and much more. We believe it is important to pass on this knowledge to our future brothers.

It is a chance for members of the university to join a brotherhood whose values are to serve not only our chapter and campus but also to our community and country. We do not allow hazing of any kind nor will we ever exclude someone from joining. New members of Alpha Phi Omega are always respected and welcomed into the fraternity. On completion of the pledge program, new members will be initiated as new brothers at the end of the semester.