Elections Results!

Congratulations to the newly elected Fall 2019 EBoard! We are so excited to lead the chapter next semester!

President- Caroline Clark
MVP- Brooklynn Earls & Alyssa Rothman
FVP- Steph Houghton & Sabrina McDonnell
SVPs- Claire Gonzalez & Eunice Lamothe
Pledgemasters- Megan Coats & Grant Fajardo
Treasurer- Daniella Keith
Secretary- Katie Barnes
Webmaster/Historian- Jongyoul Lee
Sergeant-At-Arms- Justin Yu
PR Chair- Hannah Lee

Big/Little Reveal!

Tonight all of the pledges got their bigs!!

All of the brothers were SO excited to finally get to meet their littles!

Pledges: Remember, your big is there to help you through this process! Ask them questions and let them know if you need help!

Let the big/little bonding begin!

Elections Results

Congratulations to the newly elected Spring 2015 EBoard! We are so excited to have this team lead the chapter next semester!

President- Brian Boman
MVP- Jessi Cheung
FVP- Shanni Agagi
SVPs- Lauren Johnson and Stephanie Pennetti
Pledgemasters- Crystal Michaelides and Andy Sloan
Treasurer- Melissa Dang
Secretary- Stephen Figueroa
Webmaster/Historian- Michelle Grbic
Sergeant at Arms- Kristen Gast
PR Chair- Susana Pastrana

Conclave Success

We wanted to say thanks to all the brothers who came to our conclave this weekend and to all of the brothers that volunteered their time to make hosting conclave possible. We hosted over 140 brothers and staff members from all of the chapters in sections 94 and 96 and with their help, we gathered 300+ cans to donate for this holiday season. A special thanks goes out to our conclave co-chairs: Stefan Toussaint and Esther Ma!

October MVBs

Congratulations to the four brothers who received Most Valuable Brother Awards at Monday’s meeting!

Senior: Sarah Messick, Junior: Stephen Figueroa, Sophomore: Susana Pastrana, and Associate: Courtney Torres

image (24)

Upcoming Conclave!

We are super excited to be hosting the next Conclave from Friday, November 14th to Sunday, November 16th, which is just about a month away. For more information, visit our Conclave website at http://buconclave.wix.com/conclave2014

If you are planning on attending, make sure to get your registration form in on time. The regular registration deadline is October 24th with a registration fee of $45 (includes banquet, glassware, workshops, services, and fellowships). The Conclave T-Shirt is $7 and the design can be found on the website as well. To register, follow this link! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Kyd0Ukjh0ARWpeYJkAy6ZyKVVgw9cWWCnY9YrmabJIo/viewform

Check out our Facebook event page to see all the brothers you’ll meet at Conclave. We hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/819484868069325/

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email our Conclave Chairs, Stefan Touissant and Esther Ma, at conclavechair2014@gmail.com

September MVB Awards

We are happy to announce the Most Valuable Brother Awards (MVBs) from September. Congratulations to the following brothers and keep up the good work!

Senior: Mariya Chulichkova (not pictured)
Junior: David Ferman

David receiving his MVB award
David receiving his MVB award
Sophomore: Paul Oberbeck and Chisom Chuwkumerije
Paul receiving his MVB award
Paul receiving his MVB award
Chisom receiving her MVB award
Chisom receiving her MVB award
Associate: Perrin Krisko (not pictured)